Investigación Luzuriaga

De Bajas Temperaturas
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Summary of Research Employment

  • Since November 1976 Permanent staff of the Centro Atómico Bariloche, CNEA, Laboratorio de Bajas Temperaturas.
  • October 1979 - August 1981, Post-Doctoral research at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK ,Post Doctoral scholarship from the British Council.
  • April - december 1991, Proffeseur Invité at the Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • April - October 1998, Fulbright Scholarship to do research at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Summary of Research Activity:

  • I have worked in Superconductivity for most of my carrer, benefitting from the stimulating atmosphere of the Laboratorio de Bajas Temperaturas (Low Temperature Lab.) at Bariloche.
  • Thesis work  in Surface Superconductivity in Pb Ta alloys, in the old days of Low-Tc, in Bariloche. The thesis was completed in 1979 under the direction of Paco de la Cruz.
  • Post doctoral research was on using resistive SQUIDs to measure Specific Heat at Imperial College, London with Gavin Park(1979-1981).
  • Back in Bariloche I worked mostly on Amorphous Superconductors using transport techniques, and also the Vibrating Reed technique "introduced" in Bariloche by Pablo Esquinazi.
  • When High-Tc superconductors burst on the scene in 1987, it was impossible to resist going into this new topic, and we applied all the old techniques to it. Recently the emphasis has been in Vortex Physics in these materials.
  • I have also used the vibrating reed(or rather a Vibrating Sphere) to the study of Superfluid Turbulence.
  • With Horacio Ceva from Buenos Aires, we have done some numerical work on Self Organized Criticality , in particular, concentrating on the less studied behavior of a "sandpile" before the steady state is reached.
  • A Sabbatical has been spent at EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland, in Prof. Benoit's group, where we have used a torsional pendulum to study the vortex lattice in superconductors.
  • Another Sabbatical spent in Brown University, Providence RI , USA, to study cavitation in liquid helium with Prof. Humphrey Maris.
  • Most recent research has been concentrated in the study of Quantum Turbulence, both by the use of oscillators and direct visualization of solid Hydrogen particles in Turbulent Helium-4. Directed the Doctoral Thesis of Elisa Zemma on this subject and collaborated with the group of L. Skrbek in Prague.

Please see the Publication List. for more details.