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The Large Aperture GRB Observatory (LAGO)

LAGO is considered of scientific, academic and social interest in the Rio Negro province of Argentina, and the LAGO community is selected as part of the COMCLARA 2010 program.

The LAGO project aims at observing GRBs by the single particle technique using water Cherenkov detectors (WCD). It consists of various sites of large efficiency to GRB detection, either for their size or their altitude.

Current Activities

A group of 5 detectors is in operation at Sierra Negra site, together with 3 detectors at the Chacaltaya site.

Data analysis is well on the way for the Southern site of the Pierre Auger Observatory.

Detector optimisation design and deployment is underway for the Pico Espejo site.

Prototype detectors are under test in Bariloche and Mérida.

Sites are being searched for in Peru and Colombia, and prototype detectors are under construction.

Further information


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LAGO enters the COMCLARA 2010 program


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Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela