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Space Projects

Arreglo de Cargas Tecnológicas Argentinas (ACTA)

The Earth seen from orbit GEO 71.8W (ARSAT-1)

ACTA is a project for scientific instruments on the ARSAT satellites, with a PID grant.

We work in collaboration with other groups of the Bariloche and Constituyentes Atomic Centers in the designing and construction of three experiments to fly in the telecommunication series of ARSAT satellites (ARSAT-1, 2 and 3).

The three scientific instruments are:

  • a radiation monitor (both for electrons and protons)
  • a florescence telescope looking down on Earth
  • a monitoring and test system for Argentine space qualified solar cells

While the work is done on all three experiments together, we focus in our group on the fluorescence telescope.

Fluorescence desde Órbita Geoestacionaria (FOG)

FOG electronics, measuring cosmic rays with a scintillator coupled to the multi-anode PMT

The FOG project is intended to measure the atmosphere fluorescence from above, in order to estimate the noise that future space cosmic ray telescopes such as JEM/EUSO will face, and study atmospheric transients such as sprites and elves. A preliminar design report is available.

Currently, the DAQ electronics is operating the multi-anode PMT, and work is on-going to characterize the system and to build the engineering prototype.