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Martes 20 de Junio 2017: Oscar Taborda

Martes 13 de Junio 2017: Leonardo Trombetta

Martes 6 de Junio 2017: Javier Magan

Martes 30 de Mayo 2017: Eduardo Teste

Martes 16 de Mayo 2017: Daniel Arean

Munich, Max Planck Inst.

Title: Disordered Holography: Superfluid and Branes


Gauge/Gravity Duality can help us describe strongly coupled disordered systems. I will review recent progress made in this direction through the construction of holographic setups with a disordered chemical potential. In particular, I will consider noisy holographic superconductors and brane intersections. In the former case, interesting phenomena like a disorder-induced phase transition and the formation of islands of superconductivity are observed. The latter system can be of relevance to describe graphene near the Dirac point; in this context we will show encouraging results for the conductivity of the system.

Martes 11 de Abril 2017: Shailesh Lal

Paris, LPTHE

Title: One Loop Tests of Higher Spin Holography and Tensionless Strings in AdS

Abstract: It is expected that the AdS/CFT correspondence may be used to define a theory of tensionless strings in AdS space by setting the 't-Hooft coupling of the dual CFT to zero. Higher-spin/CFT dualities are heuristically a truncated version of this window of stringy AdS/CFT. We review one-loop tests of the Higher-spin/CFT dualities and describe extensions of such computations to various more `stringy' theories such as the bulk dual of free SU(N) Yang-Mills, and finally type IIB strings in AdS(5) x S(5). We also describe new techniques which make such computations possible. These computations are independent of supersymmetry, though we observe interesting simplifications which occur only for maximal supersymmetry. This is somewhat in contrast to the usual situation in higher-spin theories where supersymmetry does not lead to any obvious simplifications. The talk will be based on work in collaboration with Jinbeom Bae and Euihun Joung (chiefly arXiv:1603.05387 arXiv:1607.07651, and arXiv:1701.01507).

Martes 4 de Abril 2017: Daniel Harlow

Harvard, USA

Title: Black holes, Holography, and quantum information

Viernes 3 de Febrero 2017: Guillermo Silva

UNLP, La Plata

Título: Mecanica cuantica de matrices Fermionicas

Abstract: Analizaremos sistemas con un numero grande de fermiones con interacciones no locales. Estudiaremos modelos vectoriales y matriciales con interacciones cuarticas. Mediante tecnicas de bosonizacion calcularemos la funcion de particion exacta. Calcularemos funciones de correlacion en tiempo real y analizaremos la estructura de fases. Los calculos, en algunos ejemplos se haran en terminos del espacio de Fock y en la version bosonica, mostrando el mapeo entre ellos. En el limite de N grande encontraremos una transicion de fase asociada a un cambio en la entropia del sistema. En la fase de alta entropia/temperatura, las funciones de correlacion de 2 puntos termicas decaen en el tiempo.

Jueves 2 de Febrero 2017: Alejandro Rosabal

IBS Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe Corea

Título: Unusual vacuum choice and T duality in string theory

Jueves 19 de Enero 2017: Luis Ibañez

IFT -UAM España

PROGRAMA MALDACENA: Teoría de Cuerdas y Física de Partículas

Martes 17 de Enero 2017: Luis Ibañez

IFT -UAM Madrid

PROGRAMA MALDACENA: Teoría de Cuerdas y Física de Partículas

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