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1 Thickness dependence of the superconducting properties of γ- Mo2N thin films on Si (001) grown by DC sputtering at room temperature N. Haberkorn; S. Bengio; H. Troiani; S. Suárez; P. D. Pérez; P. Granell; F. Golmar; M. Sirena; J. Guimpel 2018 --
2 Atomic pair distribution function at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory: application to the Pb$sb 1--it x$La$sb it x$Zr$sb 0.40$Ti$sb 0.60$O$sb 3$ ferroelectric system M. E. Saleta; M. Eleotério; A. Mesquita; V. R. Mastelaro; E. Granado 2017 --
3 Excess velocity of magnetic domain walls close to the depinning field Nirvana B. Caballero; Iván Fernández Aguirre; Lucas J. Albornoz; Alejandro B. Kolton; Juan Carlos Rojas-Sánchez; Sophie Collin; Jean Marie George; Rebeca Diaz Pardo; Vincent Jeudy; Sebastian Bustingorry; Javier Curiale 2017 --
4 Faster modified protocol for first order reversal curve measurements Emilio De Biasi 2017 --
5 Exchange interaction between S=1/2 centers bridged by multiple noncovalent interactions: Contribution of the individual chemical pathways to the magnetic coupling Ana L. Pérez; Nicolás I. Neuman; Ricardo Baggio; Carlos A. Ramos; Sergio D. Dalosto; Alberto C. Rizzi; Carlos D. Brondino 2017 --
6 Oxygen influence in the magnetic and the transport properties of ferroelectric/ferromagnetic heterostructures J. Gonzalez Sutter; L. Neñer; H. Navarro; G. Leyva; S. Fusil; K. Bouzehouane; N. Haberkorn; M. Sirena 2017 --
7 Weak ferromagnetism and superparamagnetic clusters coexistence in YFe1−xCoxO3 (0≤x≤1) perovskites Fernando Pomiro; Diego M. Gil; Vivian Nassif; Andrea Paesano; María I. Gómez; Julio Guimpel; Rodolfo D. Sánchez; Raúl E. Carbonio 2017 --
8 Spin pumping and inverse spin Hall effect in antiferromagnetic exchange coupled [Co/Ru/Co]/Pt heterostructures L. Avilés-Félix; A. Butera; J. E. Gómez 2017 --
9 Magnetic coupling of stripe domains in FePt/Ni 80 Fe 20 bilayers N R Álvarez; J E Gómez; M Vásquez Mansilla; B Pianciola; D G Actis; G J Gilardi; L Leiva; J Milano; A Butera 2017 --
10 Magnetoelectric tuning of the inverse spin-Hall effect José M. Vargas; Javier E. Gómez; Luis Avilés-Félix; Alejandro Butera 2017 --
11 Tuning the coercivity and exchange bias by controlling the interface coupling in bimagnetic core/shell nanoparticles Gabriel C. Lavorato; Enio Lima; Horacio E. Troiani; Roberto D. Zysler; Elin L. Winkler 2017 --
12 Microstructure of as-cast single and twin roller melt-spun Ni2MnGa ribbons G. Pozo-López; A. M. Condó; L. M. Fabietti; E. Winkler; N. Haberkorn; S. E. Urreta 2017 --
13 Magnetic nanoparticles for drug targeting: from design to insights into systemic toxicity. Preclinical evaluation of hematological, vascular and neurobehavioral toxicology Mariela A. Agotegaray; Adrian E. Campelo; Roberto D. Zysler; Fernanda Gumilar; Cristina Bras; Ariel Gandini; Alejandra Minetti; Virginia L. Massheimer; Veronica L. Lassalle 2017 --
14 A physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to predict the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) accumulation in vivo Henrique Silva Adny; Lima Jr Enio; Vasquez Mansilla Marcelo; Zysler Roberto Daniel; Mojica Pisciotti Mary Luz; Locatelli Claudriana; Kumar Reddy Rajoli Rajith; Owen Andrew; Creczynski-Pasa Tânia Beatriz; Siccardi Marco 2017 --
15 Enhanced defect-mediated ferromagnetism in Cu2O by Co doping Iuri S. Brandt; Milton A. Tumelero; Enio Lima; Douglas L. da Silva; Roberto D. Zysler; Ricardo Faccio; André A. Pasa 2017 --
16 In Silico before In Vivo: how to Predict the Heating Efficiency of Magnetic Nanoparticles within the Intracellular Space Beatriz Sanz; M. Pilar Calatayud; Emilio De Biasi; Enio Lima Jr.; Marcelo Vasquez Mansilla; Roberto D. Zysler; M. Ricardo Ibarra; Gerardo F. Goya 2016 --
17 Quantitative study of FORC diagrams in thermally corrected Stoner-- Wohlfarth nanoparticles systems E. De Biasi; J. Curiale; R. D. Zysler 2016 --
18 Spin reorientation, magnetization reversal, and negative thermal expansion observed in $RbackslashmathrmFbackslashmathrme_0.5backslashmathrmCbackslashmathrmr_0.5backslashmathrmO_3$ perovskites $(R=backslashmathrmLu,backslashmathrmYb,backslashmathrmTm)$ Fernando Pomiro; Rodolfo D. Sánchez; Gabriel Cuello; Antoine Maignan; Christine Martin; Raúl E. Carbonio 2016 --
19 Simple and novel strategies to achieve shape and size control of magnetite nanoparticles intended for biomedical applications Pamela Azcona; Roberto Zysler; Verónica Lassalle 2016 --
20 Influence of chitosan coating on magnetic nanoparticles in endothelial cells and acute tissue biodistribution Mariela Agotegaray; Adrián Campelo; Roberto Zysler; Fernanda Gumilar; Cristina Bras; Alejandra Minetti; Virginia Massheimer; Verónica Lassalle 2016 --
21 Time Resolved DXAS Study on Micro and Nano NiO/Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 Cermets for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Afra Fernandez Zuvich; Susana Larrondo; Martin Saleta; Federico Napolitano; Alberto Caneiro; Horacio Troiani; Diego German Lamas; Mauricio Damian Arce; Adriana Serquis; Analia Soldati 2016 --
22 Photophysics of an octasubstituted zinc(II) phthalocyanine incorporated into solid polymeric magnetic and non-magnetic PLGA--PVA nanoparticles V. E. Diz; G. Leyva; R. D. Zysler; J. Awruch; L. E. Dicelio 2016 --
23 Study of spinel–type NiMn_2 O_4- _d _samples synthesized by sol-gel and ultra sound assisted methods D. Alburquenque; L. Troncoso; J. C. Denardin; A. Butera; K. D. Padmasree; J. Ortiz; F. Herrera; J. F. Marco; J. L. Gautier 2016 --
24 High performance electronic device for the measurement of the inverse spin Hall effect J. E. Gomez; A. Butera; M. Guillén; N. P. Albaugh 2016 --
25 Critical thickness for stripe domain formation in FePt thin films: dependence on residual stress and film thickness N. R. Alvarez; J. E. Gomez; A. E. Moya Riffo; M. A. Vicente Álvarez; A. Butera 2016 --
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