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1 Intermittent collective dynamics of domain walls in the creep regime Matías Pablo Grassi; Alejandro B. Kolton; Vincent Jeudy; Alexandra Mougin; Sebastian Bustingorry; Javier Curiale 2018 --
2 The Atomic Layer Deposition Technique for the Fabrication of Memristive Devices: Impact of the Precursor on Pre-deposited Stack Materials, New Uses of Micro and Nanomaterials Cynthia P. Quinteros; Alex Hardtdegen; Mariano Barella; Federico Golmar; Félix Palumbo; Javier Curiale; Susanne Hoffmann-Eifert; Pablo Levy 2018 --
3 Spin reorientation and metamagnetic transitions in RFe0.5Co0.5O3 perovskites (R=Tb, Dy, Ho, Er) Juan P. Bolletta; Fernando Pomiro; Rodolfo Daniel Sánchez; Vladimir Pomjakushin; Gabriela Aurelio; Antoine Maignan; Christine Martin; Raúl E. Carbonio 2018 --
4 Multiferroic properties of RFe0.5Co0.5O3 with R=Tm, Er, Ho, Dy, and Tb Javier Hernán Lohr; F. Pomiro; V. Pomjakushin; J. A. Alonso; R. E. Carbonio; Rodolfo Daniel Sánchez 2018 --
5 Bifunctional CoFe2O4/ZnO Core/Shell Nanoparticles for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia with Controlled Optical Response Gabriel Lavorato; Enio Lima; Marcelo Vasquez Mansilla; Horacio Troiani; Roberto Zysler; Elin Winkler 2018 --
6 Estelas en el cielo Rodolfo D. Sánchez; Astrid Bengtsson 2018 --
7 Coupled High Spin CoII Ions Linked by Symmetrical Double Hydrogen Bonds: Role of a Slowly Relaxing CuII Impurity in Interrupting the CoII–CoII Exchange Interaction A. L. Pérez; A. Kemmerer; M. A. Rey; S. D. Dalosto; C. A. Ramos; M. C. G. Passeggi; A. C. Rizzi; C. D. Brondino 2018 --
8 Effect of the nitrogen-argon gas mixtures on the superconductivity properties of reactively sputtered molybdenum nitride thin films N. Haberkorn; S. Bengio; S. Suárez; P. D. Pérez; M. Sirena; J. Guimpel 2018 --
9 Magnetic domain wall creep and depinning: A scalar field model approach N. B. Caballero; E. E. Ferrero; A. B. Kolton; J. Curiale; V. Jeudy; S. Bustingorry 2018 --
10 Magnetic field dependence of antiferromagnetic resonance in NiO Z. Wang; S. Kovalev; N. Awari; M. Chen; S. Germanskiy; B. Green; J. -C. Deinert; T. Kampfrath; J. Milano; M. Gensch 2018 --
11 Correlation between domain wall creep parameters of thin ferromagnetic films Cynthia Quinteros; S. Bustingorry; Javier Curiale; Mara Granada 2018 --
12 Morphology and Electrochemical Response of LiFePO4 Nanoparticles Tuned by Adjusting the Thermal Decomposition Synthesis P. S. Martinez; Jr. Lima; F. Ruiz; Javier Curiale; M. S. Moreno 2018 --
13 Strain effects on the magnetic order of epitaxial FeRh thin films H. Kumar; D. R. Cornejo; S. L. Morelhao; S. Kycia; I. M. Montellano; N. R. Álvarez; G. Alejandro; A. Butera 2018 --
14 Synthesis of nanocrystalline δ-MoN by thermal annealing of amorphous thin films grown on (100) Si by reactive sputtering at room temperature N. Haberkorn; S. Bengio; H. Troiani; S. Suárez; P. D. Pérez; M. Sirena; J. Guimpel 2018 --
15 Unravelling the Elusive Antiferromagnetic Order in Wurtzite and Zinc Blende CoO Polymorph Nanoparticles A. G. Roca; I. V. Golosovsky; Elin Winkler; A. López-Ortega; M. Estrader; Roberto Zysler; M. D. Baró; J. Nogués 2018 --
16 Detection of magnetic moment in thin films with a home-made vibrating sample magnetometer D. Jordán; D. González-Chávez; D. Laura; L. M. León Hilario; E. Monteblanco; A. Gutarra; L. Avilés-Félix 2018 --
17 Pure spin current manipulation in antiferromagnetically exchange coupled heterostructures L. Avilés-Félix; Alejandro Butera; D. E. González-Chávez; R. L. Sommer; Javier Gómez 2018 --
18 Zinc removal by Chlorella sp. biomass and harvesting with low cost magnetic particles G. Ferraro; R. M. Toranzo; D. M. Castiglioni; E. Jr Lima; M. Vasquez Mansilla; N. A. Fellenz; Roberto Zysler; D. M. Pasquevich; C. Bagnato 2018 --
19 Electrical transport across nanometric SrTiO3 and BaTiO3 barriers in conducting/insulator/conducting junctions H. Navarro; M. Sirena; J. G. Sutter; H. E. Troiani; P. G. Del Corro; P. Granell; F. Golmar; N. Haberkorn 2018 --
20 Thickness dependence of the superconducting properties of γ- Mo2N thin films on Si (001) grown by DC sputtering at room temperature N. Haberkorn; S. Bengio; H. Troiani; S. Suárez; P. D. Pérez; P. Granell; F. Golmar; M. Sirena; J. Guimpel 2018 --
21 Exchange-coupled bimagnetic core-shell nanoparticles for enhancing the effective magnetic anisotropy (Chapter 2) in Exchange Bias: From Thin Film to Nanogranular and Bulk Systems Gabriel C. Lavorato; Elin L. Winkler; Enio Lima Jr.; Roberto D. Zysler 2017 --
22 Atomic pair distribution function at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory: application to the Pb$sb 1--it x$La$sb it x$Zr$sb 0.40$Ti$sb 0.60$O$sb 3$ ferroelectric system M. E. Saleta; M. Eleotério; A. Mesquita; V. R. Mastelaro; E. Granado 2017 --
23 Excess velocity of magnetic domain walls close to the depinning field Nirvana B. Caballero; Iván Fernández Aguirre; Lucas J. Albornoz; Alejandro B. Kolton; Juan Carlos Rojas-Sánchez; Sophie Collin; Jean Marie George; Rebeca Diaz Pardo; Vincent Jeudy; Sebastian Bustingorry; Javier Curiale 2017 --
24 Faster modified protocol for first order reversal curve measurements Emilio De Biasi 2017 --
25 Magnetoelectric tuning of the inverse spin-Hall effect J. M. Vargas; J. E. Gómez; L. Avilés-Félix; A. Butera 2017 --
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