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1 In Silico before In Vivo: how to Predict the Heating Efficiency of Magnetic Nanoparticles within the Intracellular Space Beatriz Sanz; M. Pilar Calatayud; Emilio De Biasi; Enio Lima Jr.; Marcelo Vasquez Mansilla; Roberto D. Zysler; M. Ricardo Ibarra; Gerardo F. Goya 2016 --
2 Quantitative study of FORC diagrams in thermally corrected Stoner-- Wohlfarth nanoparticles systems E. De Biasi; J. Curiale; R. D. Zysler 2016 --
3 Spin reorientation, magnetization reversal, and negative thermal expansion observed in $RbackslashmathrmFbackslashmathrme_0.5backslashmathrmCbackslashmathrmr_0.5backslashmathrmO_3$ perovskites $(R=backslashmathrmLu,backslashmathrmYb,backslashmathrmTm)$ Fernando Pomiro; Rodolfo D. Sánchez; Gabriel Cuello; Antoine Maignan; Christine Martin; Raúl E. Carbonio 2016 --
4 Simple and novel strategies to achieve shape and size control of magnetite nanoparticles intended for biomedical applications Pamela Azcona; Roberto Zysler; Verónica Lassalle 2016 --
5 Influence of chitosan coating on magnetic nanoparticles in endothelial cells and acute tissue biodistribution Mariela Agotegaray; Adrián Campelo; Roberto Zysler; Fernanda Gumilar; Cristina Bras; Alejandra Minetti; Virginia Massheimer; Verónica Lassalle 2016 --
6 Time Resolved DXAS Study on Micro and Nano NiO/Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 Cermets for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Afra Fernandez Zuvich; Susana Larrondo; Martin Saleta; Federico Napolitano; Alberto Caneiro; Horacio Troiani; Diego German Lamas; Mauricio Damian Arce; Adriana Serquis; Analia Soldati 2016 --
7 Photophysics of an octasubstituted zinc(II) phthalocyanine incorporated into solid polymeric magnetic and non-magnetic PLGA--PVA nanoparticles V. E. Diz; G. Leyva; R. D. Zysler; J. Awruch; L. E. Dicelio 2016 --
8 Study of spinel–type NiMn_2 O_4- _d _samples synthesized by sol-gel and ultra sound assisted methods D. Alburquenque; L. Troncoso; J. C. Denardin; A. Butera; K. D. Padmasree; J. Ortiz; F. Herrera; J. F. Marco; J. L. Gautier 2016 --
9 High performance electronic device for the measurement of the inverse spin Hall effect J. E. Gomez; A. Butera; M. Guillén; N. P. Albaugh 2016 --
10 Critical thickness for stripe domain formation in FePt thin films: dependence on residual stress and film thickness N. R. Alvarez; J. E. Gomez; A. E. Moya Riffo; M. A. Vicente Álvarez; A. Butera 2016 --
11 Electrical and magnetic properties of FM/MgO/FM (FM  =  Co 90 Fe 10 , Fe 20 Ni 80 ) heterostructures L Avilés-Félix; J González; J E Gómez; M Sirena 2016 --
12 Influence of the microstructure on the resulting 18R martensitic transformation of polycrystalline CuAlZn thin films obtained by sputtering and reactive annealing P. Domenichini; A. M. Condó; F. Soldera; M. Sirena; N. Haberkorn 2016 --
13 Silver nanowires in poly(methyl methacrylate) as a conductive nanocomposite for microfabrication Eduardo D Martínez; Javier H Lohr; Martín Sirena; Rodolfo D Sánchez; Hernán Pastoriza 2016 --
14 Combined effects of vertical and lateral confinement on the magnetic properties of MnAs micro and nano-ribbons L. B. Steren; M. Tortarolo; F. Fernandez Baldis; M. Sirena; M. Sacchi; V. H. Etgens; M. Eddrief; B. Santos; T. O. Mentes; A. Locatelli 2016 --
15 Martensitic transformation in freestanding and supported Cu–Al–Ni thin films obtained at low deposition temperatures M. J. Morán; A. M. Condó; F. Soldera; M. Sirena; N. Haberkorn 2016 --
16 Magnetoelectric control of spin currents J. E. Gómez; J. M. Vargas; L. Avilés-Félix; A. Butera 2016 --
17 Magnetic behavior of iron-modified MCM-41 correlated with clustering processes from the wet impregnation method Natalia I. Cuello; Verónica R. Elías; Elin Winkler; Gabriela Pozo-López; Marcos I. Oliva; Griselda A. Eimer 2016 --
18 Thermodynamic conditions during growth determine the magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial thin-films of La 0.7 Sr 0.3 MnO 3 J M Vila-Fungueiriño; Cong Tinh Bui; B Rivas-Murias; E Winkler; J Milano; J Santiso; F Rivadulla 2016 --
19 Nature of active vanadium nanospecies in MCM-41 type catalysts for olefins oxidation Corina M. Chanquía; Analía L. Cánepa; Elin L. Winkler; Enrique Rodríguez-Castellón; Sandra G. Casuscelli; Griselda A. Eimer 2016 --
20 Modeling magnetization curves in magnetic thin films with striped patterns M Di Pietro Martínez; J Milano; M Eddrief; M Marangolo; S Bustingorry 2016 --
21 Growth and magnetic properties of vertically aligned epitaxial CoNi nanowires in (Sr, Ba)TiO 3 with diameters in the 1.8–6 nm range V Schuler; J Milano; A Coati; A Vlad; M Sauvage-Simkin; Y Garreau; D Demaille; S Hidki; A Novikova; E Fonda; Y Zheng; F Vidal 2016 --
22 Workshop on Neutron Scattering to Study Magnetic, Multiferroic and Superconducting Materials Held in Bariloche, Argentina G. Aurelio; M. Kenzelmann 2016 --
23 Second-order magnetic critical points at finite magnetic fields: Revisiting Arrott plots S. Bustingorry; F. Pomiro; G. Aurelio; J. Curiale 2016 --
24 Magnetotransport properties of Fe 0.8 Ga 0.2 films with stripe domains M. Granada; S. Bustingorry; D. E. Pontello; M. Barturen; M. Eddrief; M. Marangolo; J. Milano 2016 --
25 The role of magnetic excitations in magnetoresistance and Hall effect of slightly TM-substituted BaFe2As2 compounds (TM = Mn, Cu, Ni) J. P. Peña; M. M. Piva; C. B. R. Jesus; G. G. Lesseux; T. M. Garitezi; D. Tobia; P. F. S. Rosa; T. Grant; Z. Fisk; C. Adriano; R. R. Urbano; P. G. Pagliuso; P. Pureur 2016 --
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