XXIII Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics

Bariloche, 10-13 April 2018

Latest News

NEWS - 13 May 2019

Electronic publication of the Proceedings at MATPR-Elsevier will take place in May 2019 (updated 13/5). About one month later, hard copies would be available for online purchase at the journal ( price to be confirmed ). We apologize for the delay at MATPR-Elsevier during the publication process. Thank you very much again for your participation at SLAFES XXIII, and for your contributions to the Proceedings volume !

NEWS - 17 May

1) The submission of invited and contributed manuscripts for the Proceedings of SLAFES XXIII will be possible until SUNDAY 10 JUNE 2018 ( FINAL DEADLINE ). We especially thank all authors who have already submitted their manuscripts. --2) Please notice that at the "Invited Talks (Presentations)" link you may find new files, kindly sent by Plenary and Semi-Plenary invited speakers: thanks to all of them ! -- 3) We apologize for the delay in the publication of our report with statistical data of SLAFES XIII. At the Organizing Committee we have been busy preparing financial reports for the different funding agencies and sponsors of SLAFES XXIII.

NEWS - 28 April.

Dear participants of SLAFES XXIII, 1) we are extending until Friday 18 May the period for submission of manuscripts for the Proceedings volume of SLAFES XXIII. We thank those of you who already submitted your manuscripts, following the guidelines published at our Proceedings link. --2) At the Invited Talks (Presentations) link you may find files based on their talks kindly sent to us by many of the Plenary and Semi-Plenary invited speakers: thanks to all of them ! --3) We would also like to share with you the LINK to a folder (Read More, for details) where you will be able to browse through photos of SLAFES XXIII. --4) Please contact the Organizing Committee, if you find problems to download your certificates of attendance and of participation (for oral or poster presentations) using the links enabled in your personal account on SLAFES XXIII- Intranet (as described on our news-post of 22 April). ----Soon we will be posting a brief report with some statistics of SLAFES XXIII. From the Organizing Committee, thanks again for your participation!