Submission of  abstracts  for  proposed poster and  oral contributions  will be open from  1 July 2017  to  30 October  2017  ( final deadline).

  • All contributions will be automatically considered for poster presentation, but it is possible to indicate the preference for oral presentation in the last stage of the abstract submission process. A selection will take place to finally determine the oral contributions, after the submissions deadline.
  • For each contribution proposed, one of the authors,  designated as the presenting author,   will submit the abstract, and would be responsible for the presentation of that contribution during SLAFES XXIII.
  • A maximum of two contributions may be proposed by each presenting author.
  • Abstracts should be completed using plain text, and standard latex format for mathematical symbols or chemical formulae. Up to three references may be cited (as follows: e.g. insert  $ [2] $   to cite your second reference). The references should be written below the last paragraph, listed (as in latex, include a empty line between consecutive refs. in the list:  to separate them)  using the following format for each one, e.g.: $ [2] $ Authors (Initials+Surname  of up to 3 coauthors, using et al. for subsequent authors), Journal Name, Volume number, first page (year).

We invite you to proceed to the Poster and Oral Contributions  submenu  in order to submit an abstract.


** special  helpline,   dedicated  to  solve  eventual  problems  during  submission of  abstracts  or  registration,  has been  set up:       please contact