Investigación Sereni

De Bajas Temperaturas
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Research area

  • Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES),
  • Thermal, Magnetic and Transport properties at low temperature.

Specific subjects

  • Ce-based intermetallic compounds,
  • Magnetic phase diagrams at very low temperature,
  • Quantum Critical Points,
  • Non-Fermi-liquids (NFL),
  • Kondo lattices,
  • Valence Instabilities,
  • Crystal Field Effects(CFE),
  • Spin Glases,
  • Kondo impurities in metals and superconductors,
  • Heusler, Laves and Haucke phases.

Current systems under study

  • Ce2(Pd1-xNix)2Sn.png
    Specific Heat of Ce2(Pd1-xNix)2Sn:

  • Quantum Criticality of Ce(In3-xSnx):