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Student's supervision, Instituto Balseiro


2017-today: Supervisor of Jazmin Aragón PhD thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro, on Relación entre estructura, magnetismo y superconductividad en calcógenos basados en Fe (Conicet scholarship)

2020-today: Supervisor of Joaquín Puig PhD thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro, on Termodinámica, estructura y magnetismo de nanocristales de vórtices. (Conicet scholarship)

2017-today: Co-Supervisor of Federico Elías PhD thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro, on Límites de estabilidad del vidrio de Bragg de vórtices en superconductores laminares. Co-supervisor of the experimental activities of the thesis. Supervisor: Alejandro Kolton, Solid State Theory Group, CAB. (Conicet scholarship)

Graduated Alumni


2010-2015: Supervisor of PhD thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro of René Cejas Bolecek on Structural and magnetic properties of mesoscopic vortex matter (Conicet scholarship)


2015-2020: Supervisor of Gonzalo Rumi PhD thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro, on Effect of disorder in the first-order phase transition and structural properties of vortex matter in the high-Tc superconductor Bi-2212(Conicet scholarship)


2011-2013: Supervisor of Master thesis on Engineering @ Instituto Balseiro of Cristian Belussi on Design and implementation of parts of the electronic control system for a scanning tunnelling microscope (IB-CNEA scholarship)


2015-2016: Supervisor of Raúl Cortés Maldonado Post-doc stage on Condensed Matter Physics @ Instituto Balseiro, on Structural properties of the front of magnetic flux penetration in superconductors with introduced disorder (Conicet scholarship)


2015-2016: Supervisor of Master thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro of Jazmín Aragón Sánchez on Direct visualization and modelling of the order-disorder phase transition in vortex matter in type-II superconductors (IB-CNEA scholarship)


2017-2018: Supervisor of Joaquín Puig MSc. thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro, on [Thermodynamics, structure and magnetism of vortex nanocrystals]. (IB-CNEA scholarship)


2014-2015: Co-supervisor of Master thesis on Physics @ Instituto Balseiro of Lucas Albornoz (supervised by Pablo Pedrazzini) on the topic Local Hall magnetometry applied to study phase transitions in the vortex matter of high-Tc superconductors (IB-CNEA scholarship)

Teaching as Maître d'enseignement, Instituto Balseiro

2019-: Statistical Physics

2017-2018: Experimental Physics IV

2017-2016-2015: Experimental Physics I

2015: Superconductivity, second part of Condensed Matter Phenomenology II

2014-2013-2011-2010-2009: Electrodynamics

2014-2013: Fluid dynamics

2011: J. A. Balseiro School on Experimental Techniques in Condensed Matter Physics

2011: Experimental IV

2010: Mathematica II for Saudi Students

Teaching as Assistant Profesor, University of Rio Negro

2014: Physics in biological systems, 3rd year of Physics University Teaching career.

2015: Applied Physics: Stability of structures and Fluid mechanics, 2nd year of Technical in Plants Nursery career.