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Osquiguil, E.; Tosi, L.; Kaul, E.E.; Balseiro, C.A. On the origin of the low temperatures resistivity minimum in Cr thin films 2013 Journal Of Applied Physics 114 7 pp
Niebieskikwiat, D.; Civale, L.; Balseiro, C.A.; Nieva, G. Nonglassy relaxation by double kinks in YBa2Cu3O7-delta with columnar defects 2000 PHYSICAL REVIEW B 61 7135-7141
Tosi, L.; Osquiguil, E.; Kaul, E.E.; Balseiro, C.A. Barkhausen-type noise in the resistance of antiferromagnetic Cr thin films 2012 Europhysics Letters 100 67005
Osquiguil, E.; Kaul, E.E.; Tosi, L.; Balseiro, C.A. Effects of spin density wave quantization on the electrical transport in epitaxial Cr thin films 2012 Physical Review B 85 104410