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Marconi, V. I.; Candia, S.; Balenzuela, P.; Pastoriza, H.; Domínguez, D.; Martinoli, P. Orientational pinning and transverse voltage: Simulations and experiments in square Josephson junction arrays 2000 Phys. Rev. B 62 4096-4104
Pastoriza, H.; Candia, S.; Nieva, G. Anisotropic vortex dynamics in twined YBaCuO single crystals 2000 Physica B 284-288 763-764
Pastoriza, H.; Candia, S.; Nieva, G. Role of twin boundaries on the vortex dynamics in YBaCuO single crystal 1999 Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 1026-1029
Silhanek, A.; Civale, L.; Candia, S.; Nieva, G.; Pasquini, G.; Lanza, H. Evidence for vortex staircases in the whole angular range due to competing correlated pinning mechanisms 1999 PHYSICAL REVIEW B 59 13620-13623