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Karpinski, J.; Zhigadlo, N.D.; Katrych, S.; Bukowski, Z.; Moll, P.; Weyeneth, S.; Keller, H.; Puzniak, R.; Tortello, M.; Daghero, D.; Gonelli, R.; Maggio-Aprile, I.; Fasano, Y.; Fischer, O.; Batlogg, B. Single crystals of LnFeAsO1-xFx (Ln=La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd) and Ba1-xRbxFe2As2: growth, structure and superconducting properties 2009 Physica C 469 370-380
Petrovic, A.P.; Fasano, Y.; Lortz, R.; Senatore, C.; Demuer, A.; Antunes, A.B.; Paré, A.; Salloum, D.; Gougeon, P.; Potel, M.; Fischer, O. Real-Space Vortex Glass Imaging and the Vortex Phase Diagram of SnMo6S8 2009 Physical Review Letters 103 257001-257003
Piriou, A.; Giannini, E.; Fasano, Y.; Senatore, C.; Fischer, O. Vortex phase diagram and temperature-dependent second-peak effect in overdoped Bi2Sr2CuO6+d crystals 2010 Physical Review B 81 144517-144524