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ÄŒurlík, I.; Giovannini, M.; Gastaldo, F.; Strydom, A.M.; Reiffers, M.; Sereni, J.G. Crystal structure and physical properties of the two stannides EuPdSn2 and YbPdSn2 2018 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 495802
Bauer, E.; Hilscher, G.; Michor, H.; Paul, Ch.; Aoki, Y.; Sato, H.; Adroja, D.T.; Park, J.-G.; Bonville, P.; Godart, C.; Sereni, J.G.; Giovannini, M.; Saccone, A. The magnetic instability of Yb2Pd2(In,Sn) in a non-Fermi liquid environment 2005 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 S999-S1009
Gastaldo, F.; Gabáni, S.; Džubinská, A.; Reiffers, M.; PristáÅ¡, G.; ÄŒurlík, I.; Skyba, P.; Clovecko, M.; Vavrek, F.; Sereni, J.G.; Giovannini, M. YbPd2In: A promising candidate for strong entropy accumulation at very low temperature 2019 Physical Review B 100 174422
Martinelli, A.; Giovannini, M.; Sereni, J.G.; Ritter, C. Suppression of ferromagnetic order by Ag-doping: a neutron scattering investigation on Ce2(Pd1−x Ag x )2In (x  =  0.20, 0.50) 2018 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 265601
Michor, H.; Sereni, J.G.; Giovannini, M.; Kampert, E.; Salamakha, L.; Hilscher, G.; Bauer, E. Elucidating the lack of magnetic order in the heavy-fermion CeCu2Mg 2017 Physical Review B 95 115146
Sereni, J.G.; ÄŒurlík, I.; Giovannini, M.; Strydom, A.; Reiffers, M. Physical properties of the magnetically frustrated very-heavy-fermion compound YbCu4Ni 2018 Physical Review B 98 094420
Sereni, J.G.; Giovannini, M.; Berisso, M.G.; Saccone, A. Electron concentration effects on the Shastry-Sutherland phase stability in Ce2-xPd2+yIn1-z solid solutions 2011 Physical Review B 83 064419
Sereni, J.G.; Giovannini, M.; Gómez Berisso, M.; Saccone, A. Searching for a Quantum Critical Point in Rh doped ferromagnetic Ce2.15Pd1.95In_0.9 2012 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 391 012062
Sereni, J.G.; Roberts, J.; Gastaldo, F.; Giovannini, M. Suppression of the Shastry-Sutherland phase driven by electronic concentration reduction in magnetically frustrated Ce2.15Pd1.95(Sn1-yIny)0.9 alloys 2019 Physical Review B 100 054421
Sereni, J.G.; Roberts, J.; Gastaldo, F.; Gómez Berisso, M.; Giovannini, M. Shastry-Sutherland phase formation in magnetically frustrated Ce2Pd2In1-xSnx alloys 2019 Materials Today: Proceedings 14 80-83