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Llorens, J.B.; Embon, L.; Correa, A.; González, J.D.; Herrera, E.; Guillamón, I.; Luccas, R.F.; Azpeitia, J.; Mompeán, F.J.; García-Hernández, M.; Munuera, C.; Sánchez, J.A.; Fasano, Y.; Milošević, M.V.; Suderow, H.; Anahory, Y. Observation of a gel of quantum vortices in a superconductor at very low magnetic fields 2020 Physical Review Research 2 013329
Luccas, R.F.; Haberkorn, N.; Guimpel, J.; Bridoux, G.; Nieva, G. Growth of GdBa2Cu3O7 thin films on single crystalline substrates of Y1-xPrBa2Cu3O7 2007 PHYSICA C-SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND ITS APPLICATIONS 460 1377-1378