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Aragón Sánchez, J.; Maldonado, R.C.; Amigó, M.L.; Nieva, G.; Kolton, A.; Fasano, Y. Disordered hyperuniform vortex matter with rhombic distortions in FeSe at low fields 2023 Physical Review B 107 094508
Sanchez, J.A.; Rumi, G.; Maldonado, R.C.; Bolecek, N.R.C.; Puig, J.; Pedrazzini, P.; Nieva, G.; Dolz, M.I.; Konczykowski, M.; van der Beek, C.J.; Kolton, A.B.; Fasano, Y. Non-Gaussian tail in the force distribution: a hallmark of correlated disorder in the host media of elastic objects 2020 Scientific Reports 10 19452