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Besnus, M.J.; Kappler, J.P.; Meyer, A.; Sereni, J.; Siaud, E.; Lahiouel, R.; Pierre, J. Crystallographic and magnetic properties of REInAu2 intermetallics 1985 Physica B+C 130 240-242
Besnus, M.J.; Kappler, J.P.; Ravet, M.F.; Meyer, A.; Lahiouel, R.; Pierre, J.; Siaud, E.; Nieva, G.L.; Sereni, J.G. Structural and magnetic properties of the ternary rare earth (RE) compound series REInAu2(RE~La to Lu, Y) 1986 Journal of the less-common metals 120 101-112
Kappler, J.P.; Besnus, M. J.; Beaurepaire, E.; Meyer, A.; Sereni, J.; Nieva, G. Magnetic transition in the CePd3Bx system 1985 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 47 111-114
Kappler, J.P.; Besnus, M.J.; Herr, A.; Meyer, A.; Sereni, J.G. Crossover between intermediate valence and magnetic order in CeRh1-xPdx 1991 Physica B: Condensed Matter 171 346-349
Kappler, J.P.; Besnus, M.J.; Lehmann, P.; Meyer, A.; Sereni, J. Intermediate valence, magnetic ordering, and volume effect in the cerium-palladium system 1985 Journal of the Less Common Metals 111 261-264
Sereni, J.; Nieva, G.; Kappler, J. P.; Besnus, M.J.; Meyer, A. Low-temperature thermal properties in the CePd3Bx system 1986 Journal of Physics F: Metal Physics 16 435