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Pureur, P.; Fraga, G. L.; Brandao, D. E.; Caudron,R.; Safa, H.; Nieva, G. Specific heat measurements in scandium-rare earth anisotropic spin glasses 1987 Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 68 213-217
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Roa Rojas, J.; Jurelo, A.R.; Menegotto Costa, R.; Mendonca Ferreira, L.; Pureur, P.; Orlando, M.T.D.; Prieto, P.; Nieva, G. Fluctuation conductivity and the dynamical universality class of the superconducting transition in the high-Tc cuprates 2000 Physica C: Superconductivity 341-348 1911-1912
Trovarelli, O.; Sereni, J.G.; Pureur, P.; Shaf, J. Evidence of spin-density-wave to spin-glass transformation in YNd alloys 1995 Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 52 15387-15392