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Bridoux, G.; Villafuerte, M.; Ferreyra, J.M.; Guimpel, J.; Nieva, G.; Figueroa, C.A.; Straube, B.; Heluani, S.P. Franz-Keldysh effect in epitaxial ZnO thin films 2018 Applied Physics Letters 112
Lanoël, L.; Rozas, G.; Bruchhausen, A.E.; Amigó, L.; Crivillero, M.V.A.; Hofer, J.A.; Villafuerte, M.; Bridoux, G.; Bengió, S.; Nieva, G. Effects of aging processes at the surface of the superconductor β−FeSe 2023 Physical Review B 106 214507
Zapata, C.; Nieva, G.; Ferreyra, J.M.; Villafuerte, M.; Lanoël, L.; Bridoux, G. The s-d exchange model as the underlying mechanism of magnetoresistance in ZnO doped with alkali metals 2019 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31 345801