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Gonzalez Sutter, J.; Neñer, L.; Navarro, H.; Leyva, G.; Fusil, S.; Bouzehouane, K.; Haberkorn, N.; Sirena, M. Oxygen influence in the magnetic and the transport properties of ferroelectric/ferromagnetic heterostructures 2017 Thin Solid Films 639 42-46
Sirena, M.; Kaul, E.; Pedreros, M.B.; Rodriguez, C.A.; Guimpel, J.; Steren, L.B. Structural, magnetic and electrical properties of ferromagnetic/ferroelectric multilayers 2011 Journal of Applied Physics 109 123920
Sutter, J.G.; Chávez, A.S.; Soria, S.; Granada, M.; Neñer, L.; Bengió, S.; Granell, P.; Golmar, F.; Haberkorn, N.; Leyva, A.G.; Sirena, M. Tuning the magneto-electrical properties of multiferroic multilayers through interface strain and disorder 2020 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 157820