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Berisso, M.G.; Pedrazzini, P.; Sereni, J.G.; Trovarelli, O.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F. Study of Ce(Rh1-xPdx)(2)Si-2: pronounced differences between the CeRh2Si2 and CePd2Si2 ground states 2002 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B 30 343-349
Lobos, A.M.; Aligia, A.A.; Sereni, J.G. Specific heat of magnetic Ce alloys within a two-component model 2004 European Physical Journal B 41 289-294
Pedrazzini, P.; Berisso, M.G.; Caroca-Canales, N.; Deppe, M.; Geibel, C.; Sereni, J.G. Low temperature magnetic phase diagram of the cubic non-Fermi liquid system Celn(3-x)Sn(x) 2004 The European Physical Journal B – Condensed Matter 38 445-450
Shalóm, D. E.; Reparáz, S.; Pastoriza, H. Finite Josephson junction arrays with open boundaries in magnetic field: Ground state energy and first critical field 2004 The European Physical Journal B – Condensed Matter 40 409-413