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Núñez Regueiro, M.; Bethoux, O.; Mignot, J.-M.; Monceau, P.; Bernier, P.; Fabre, C.; Rassat, A. Electrical Resistivity of Fullerenes at High Pressures 1993 Europhysics Letters 21 49-53
M. Skoulatos, J. P. Goff, C. Geibel, E. E. Kaul, R. Nath, N. Shannon, B. Schmidt, A. P. Murani, P. P. Deen, M. Enderle y A. R. Wildes Spin correlations and exchange in square-lattice frustrated ferromagnets 2009 Europhysics Letters 88 57005
Núñez Regueiro, M.; Mignot, J.-M.; Castello, D. Superconductivity at High Pressure in NbSe3 1992 Europhysics Letters 18 53-57
Correa,V. F.; Haberkorn, N.; Nieva, G.; García, D. J.; Alascio, B. Unusual large magnetostriction in the ferrimagnet Gd2/3Ca1/3MnO3 2012 EUROPHYSICS LETTERS 98 37003