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Pastoriza, H.; Goffman, M.F.; Cruz, F. de la Comment on ``Irreversibility line of monocrystaline {Bi$2$Sr$2$CaCu$2$O$8$}: Experimental evidence for a dimensional crossover of the vortex ensemble'' 1994 Phys. Rev. Lett. 72 1303
de la Cruz, F.; Pastoriza, H.; López, D.; Goffman, M. F.; Arribére, A.; Nieva, G. Consequences of 3D-2D vortex decoupling on the phase diagram of HTS 1994 Physica C: Superconductivity 235-240 83-86
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Gao, Z.X.; Heyvaert, I.; Wuyts, B.; Osquiguil, E.; Haesendonck, C.V.; Bruynseraede, Y. Evidence for a “brick wall” microstructure in epitaxial YBa 2Cu3Ox films 1994 Applied Physics Letters 65 770-772
Griessen, R.; Wen Hai-Hu; Van Dalen, A.J.J.; Dam, B.; Rector, J.; Schnack, H.G.; Libbrecht, S.; Osquiguil, E.; Bruynseraede, Y. Evidence for mean free path fluctuation induced pinning in YBa2Cu3O7 and YBa2Cu4O8 films 1994 Physical Review Letters 72 1910-1913