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Antonio, D.; Pastoriza, H. Nonlinear Dynamics of a Micromechanical Torsional Resonator: Analytical Model and Experiments 2009 Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 18 1396-1400
Antonio, D.; Dolz, M.I.; Pastoriza, H. Micromechanical magnetometer using an all-silicon nonlinear torsional resonator 2009 Applied Physics Letters 95 133505-3
Correa V. F.; Sänger N.; Jorge G.; Nieva G.; Haberkorn N. Giant magnetostructural coupling in Gd2/3Ca1/3MnO3 2009 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 167 012010
Dolz, M. I. Medición de superconductores mesoscópicos mediante micro-electro-máquinas 2009
Dolz, M.I.; Pastoriza, H. Dependence of vortex phase transitions in mesoscopic Bi2Sr2CaCuO8 superconductor at tilted magnetic fields 2009 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 150 052044-4
Gomez Berisso, M.; Sereni, J.G.; Braghta, A.; Schmerber, G.; Chevalier, B.; Kappler, J.P. Field suppression of the modulated phase of Ce2Pd2Sn 2009 Physica B 404 2930-2933
Haberkorn, N.; Larregola, S.; Franco, D.; Nieva, G. Inhomogeneous ferrimagnetic-like behavior in Gd2/3Ca1/3MnO3 single crystals 2009 JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS 321 1133-1136
Jenkins N.; Fasano Y.; Berthod C.; Maggio-Aprile I.; Piriou A.; Giannini E.; Hoogenboom B. W.; Hess C.; Cren T.; Fischer Ø. Imaging the essential role of spin-fluctuations in high-Tc superconductivity 2009 Physical Review Letters 103 227001-227004
Karpinski, J.; Zhigadlo, N.D.; Katrych, S.; Bukowski, Z.; Moll, P.; Weyeneth, S.; Keller, H.; Puzniak, R.; Tortello, M.; Daghero, D.; Gonelli, R.; Maggio-Aprile, I.; Fasano, Y.; Fischer, O.; Batlogg, B. Single crystals of LnFeAsO1-xFx (Ln=La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd) and Ba1-xRbxFe2As2: growth, structure and superconducting properties 2009 Physica C 469 370-380
Lerner, B.; Perez, M.S.; Bonaparte, J.; Rodriguez, D.J.; Pastoriza, H.; Boselli, A.; Lamagna, A. Development Of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Based Sensor 2009 OLFACTION AND ELECTRONIC NOSE: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose 1137 405-406