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Zemma, E.; Tsubota, M.; Luzuriaga, J. Possible visualization of a superfluid vortex loop attached to an oscillating Beam 2015 Journal of Low Temperature Physics 179 310-319
Stockert, U.; Hartmann, S.; Deppe, M.; Caroca-Canales, N.; Sereni, J.G.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F. Site dependence of the Kondo scale in CePd{1-x}Rhx due to Pd-Rh disorder 2015 Physical Review B 92 054415
Sereni, J.G.; Pedrazzini, P.; Gómez Berisso, M.; Chacoma, A.; Encina, S.; Gruner, T.; Caroca-Canales, N.; Geibel, C. Exploring high temperature magnetic order in CeTi 1- x Sc x Ge 2015 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 592 012005
Sereni, J.G.; Pedrazzini, P.; Berisso, M.G.; Chacoma, A.; Encina, S.; Gruner, T.; Caroca-Canales, N.; Geibel, C. Local character of the highest antiferromagnetic temperature of Ce systems in Sc-rich CeTi 1− x Sc x Ge 2015 Physical Review B 91 174408
Sereni, J.G. Entropy Bottlenecks at T->0 in Ce-Lattice and Related Compounds 2015 Journal of Low Temperature Physics 179 126-137
Roselló, J. M., Dellavale, D., Bonetto, F. J. Stable tridimensional bubble clusters in multi-bubble sonoluminescence (MBSL) 2015 Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 22 59
Pérez-Morelo, D.J.; Osquiguil, E.; Kolton, A.B.; Nieva, G.; Jung, I.W.; López, D.; Pastoriza, H. Thermodynamic evidence for the Bose glass transition in twinned YBa2Cu3O7-δ crystals 2015 Physical Review B 92 020510
Pérez, M.; Sofo Haro, M.; Sidelnik, I.; Tozzi, L.; Rondón Brito, D.; Mora, C.; Blostein, J.J.; Gómez Berisso, M.; Lipovetzky, J. Commercial CMOS Pixel Array for Beta and Gamma Radiation Particle Counting 2015 IEEE, Micro-Nanoelectronics, Technology and Applications (EAMTA) 11
Pérez Quintián, F.; Calarco, N.; Lutenberg, A.; Lipovetzky, J. Performance of an optical encoder based on a nondiffractive beam implemented with a specific photodetection integrated circuit and a diffractive optical element 2015 Applied Optics 54 7240
Ogando, K.; Pastoriza, H. Design of integration-ready metasurface-based infrared absorbers 2015 Journal of Applied Physics 118 043109