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Correa, V. F., P. Pedrazzini, D. G. Franco, A. J. Rosa, B. Rubrecht, N. Haberkorn Low-temperature thermal expansion of the topological material candidates β-PtBi2 and β-PdBi2 2022 Physica B – Condensed Matter 641 414102
Correa, V. F.; Castro, F. J. First-Order Phase Transformation at Constant Volume: A Continuous Transition? 2022 Entropy 24 31
Correa, V.F.; Curci, I.; Sereni, J.G.; Caroca Canales, N.; Geibel, C. Magnetic-field-tuned valence susceptibility in CeCo1−xFexSi revealed by magnetostriction 2022 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2164 012042
Haberkorn, N.; Correa, V.F. Effect of low-temperature thermal annealing on the vortex dynamics of metastable β-Bi2Pd single crystals 2022 Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications 598 1354051
Hofer, J.A.; Ginzburg, M.; Bengio, S.; Haberkorn, N. Nanocrystalline superconducting γ-Mo2N ultra-thin films for single photon detectors 2022 Materials Science and Engineering: B 275 115499