Welcome to FiEstIn's website

The Statistical and Interdisciplinary Physics Group (FiEstIn) of Centro Atómico Bariloche carries on theoretical an experimental research on nonequilibrium complex systems. Our work is mainly focused on physical systems but, taking advantange of the universality of nonequilibrium phenomena, we also study problems related to other areas of science, such as biology, chemistry, and socioeconomics. These problems include, for instance, cognitive mechanisms, physicochemical processes, and population dynamics.

We are interested at the detection and characterization of the collective behaviour that spontaneously emerges as a result of the interaction between the elements that constitute a nonequilibrium system. These cooperative phenomena comprise, among others, the formation of spatiotemporal patterns, regular and chaotic evolution, and synchronization. Our working tools are analytical and numerical models, such as reaction-diffusion systems, neural networks, stochastic processes, and populations of coupled dynamical elements.

Within this site you will find more specific information about our scientific interests. Please, use the above menu to navigate the site. You can also watch videos on synchronization and the Belouzov-Zhabotinsky reaction (all in Spanish).

To contact us write to fiestin.cab@gmail.com. Thank you very much for your visit.