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Recent Publications

Eskandarian Z, Fliegauf M, Bulashevska A, Proietti M, Hague R, Smulski CR, Schubert D, Warnatz K, Grimbacher B. (2019). Assessing the Functional Relevance of Variants in the IKAROS Family Zinc Finger Protein 1 (IKZF1) in a Cohort of Patients With Primary Immunodeficiency. Front Immunol10:301–18.

Staniek J, Lorenzetti R, Heller B, Janowska I, Schneider P, Unger S, Warnatz K, Seidl M, Venhoff N, Thiel J, Smulski CR and Rizzi M. (2019). TRAIL-R1 and TRAIL-R2 Mediate TRAIL-Dependent Apoptosis in Activated Primary Human B Lymphocytes. Front Immunol 10:471–13.

Lorenzetti R, Janowska I, Smulski CR, Frede N, Henneberger N, Walter L, Schleyer M-T, Hüppe JM, Staniek J, Salzer U, Venhoff A, Trilo A, Voll RE, Venhoff N, Thiel J, Rizzi M. (2019) Abatacept modulates CD80 and CD86 expression and memory formation in human B-cells. Journal of Autoimmunity 1–0.

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