Primary brain tumors and chronopharmacology

We are interested in understanding how primary brain tumors progress and how can they be effectively treated. Currently, Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive and deadly of the brain tumors, and unfortunately it is also the most frequent in adults. With survival times averaging just over a year, new therapeutic strategies are urgently needed for GBM patients. Thus our current research focuses on developing high throughput screenings to test new pharmacological candidates and on how current and novel therapies can be improved by finding the time of day at which they are most effective (chronopharmacology). We are developing microfluidics based assays that will accelerate the chronoparmacological approach in vitroto then test the new therapeutic strategies in vivo with cutting-edge non invasive imaging techniques (magnetic resonance, bioluminescence and thermal imaging). The results and technical achievements obtained while studying GBMs will be applied to other less frequent primary brain tumors. 

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