MERCK-Conicet prize for Innovation in Science (Ago 2021)
Congratulation  to Gonzalo Alvarez for being 1 of the 10 finalist projects! 


Our Lab in the news (Ago 2021)
Desarrollan un método no invasivo para observar cambios a nivel celular mediante resonancias magnéticas
Interview  Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Alvarez, CONICET 


ISMRM (May 2021)
Contribution works of Jesus, Melisa, Milena and Gonzalo

Celebrating 3 new Master Theses (Feb 2021)

Congrats  M.Sc.  Pablo Jiménez, M.Sc.  Bruno Ronchi and M.Sc.  Micaela Kortsarz!!!

Our Lab in the news (Feb 2021)
  Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Alvarez, Canal 7, Mendoza 


Interview in a Book (2020)
Interview to Analia Zwick in the book "Rompimos el cristal" of Carolina Castro

Our Lab in the news (Dec 2020)
Física cuántica para mejorar el diagnóstico médico por imágenes
Interview  Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Alvarez, CONICET

Our Lab in the news (Dec 2020)
Interview  Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Alvarez, Radio El Balseiro en Nacional 


Giving a talk in a secondary school (Jun 2020)
Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Alvarez,
Instituto Educativo Alta Cordoba


Giving a talk in a secondary school (Jun 2020)
Analia Zwick and Gonzalo Alvarez, Colegio Integral Independencia


Colloquium Instituto Balseiro (Feb 2020)
Sensores en la era de las tecnologías cuánticas
Speaker A. Zwick

Celebrating 3 new Bachelor Theses (Nov 2019)

Congratulation BSc. Micaela Kortsarz, BSc. Pablo Jimenez y BSc. Bruno Ronchi for your great job!!! 


Our Lab in the news (Dec 2019)
Investigan cómo mejorar la calidad de los diagnósticos por imágenes Noticias CNEA                                                     
“Trucos” cuánticos para escanear el cerebro – APS Physics Magazine
Entrevista  a Analia Zwick y Gonzalo Alvarez, Notinuc CNEA 
y CONICET Patagonia Norte

Mejorar la calidad de los diagnósticos por imágenesNoticia en U238 Tecnologia Nuclear para el Desarrollo 


 APS Physics Magazine interview (Nov 2019)


Bruker MRI installation (Nov 2019)

Volker and David Santos from Bruker 



Workshop Quantum Foundation and Quantum Information (Oct - Nov 2019)

Celebrating Juan Pablo Paz's 60th birthday


 Poster presentation C. Rodriguez, A. Zwick, G.A.Alvarez

DAAD Alumni meeting, Humboldt inspira, Bs As (Oct 2019)

Speaker Science Slam A. Zwick

Visiting APS Editor: Dr. Jessica Thomas editor of Physics Magazine, APS New York (Oct 2019)

Seminar: Make Your Next Paper a Great One: Tips from an APS Editor


104 RAFA Reunion Asociación Física Argentina, Sta Fe (Sept 2019)


Poster Pablo Jimenez and Micaela Kortsarz, Speaker Melisa Gimenez (2019 Sep).

CELFI-FIMET School, Bariloche (Sept 2019)

"Updates in Oncology: an interdisciplinary perspective of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research"


Plenary speakers A. Zwick and G. A. Alvarez.

Okinawa School in Physics: Coherent Quantum Dynamics, Japan (Sept 2019)


 Poster presentation Cristina Rodriguez

Lab members (Aug 2019)


Farewell to Mile and welcome to Pablo, Mica, Meli and Bruno (Jul 2019)


 Mile is going to do a PhD in Switszerland, Success! Mica, Pablo, Meli and Bruno are starting their Master Tesis, Welcome and enjoy it!

XXI Giambiagi Winter School "Quantum simulations and quantum metrology with cold trapped ions" 


 Plenary talk Speaker Gonzalo A. Alvarez and Martin Kuffer, Poster presentation M.K., Cristina Rodriguez, Federico Dominguez, Leonardo Pedraza, Fabricio Lozano  (2019 Jul).

Visiting Professor to our Lab: Diego Montagner from Maynooth University, Ireland (Jul 2019)

Seminar New Frontiers in Platinum Based Chemotherapeutic Agents (2019 Jul 16) 

Visiting Professor to our Lab: Maria Baias from New York University Abu Dhabi (Jun 2019)

Seminars Mobile NMR in Pursuit of Ancient Mummies and Art Forgers (2019 Jun 11), 
                Advancements in NMR Crystallography for Exploring Polymorphism (2019 Jun 12)


Maria is there, but taking the picture :)

Workshop “Quantum 2019”

From Foundations of Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Information and Quantum Metrology & Sensing

 2019 May 26-31, Turin, Italy

Plenary talk Speaker Analia Zwick, Poster presentation Gonzalo A. Alvarez
Analia received the travel funding support From APS and  to participate to this conference. THANK YOU!!                                                         


Visiting the MRI Lab of our collaborator Jorge Jovicich

 2019 May 25-26, Trento, Italy


 Meeting with our mentors and collaborators: Lucio Frydman, Gershon Kurizki and Dieter Suter

2019 May 23-24 Florence, Italy


PATHOS photonic and nanometric high-sensitivity bio-sensing

kick-off meeting PATHOS (Future Emerging Technologies) 2019 May 23-24 Florence, Italy

Invited as Advisory Board members and as Speakers Gonzalo A. Álvarez, Analia Zwick


 Humboldt kolleg “Breaking Paradigms: Towards a Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinary Science”

  2019 Feb 21-24 Ibarra, Ecuador

Invited Speaker Gonzalo A. Álvarez

 School: Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (Jan. 2019) 


Invited Speakers Gonzalo A. Álvarez and Analia Zwick


Arepas and Playa Bonita (Dic. 2018) 


 Master Graduation: M.Sc. Milena Capiglioni and M.Sc. Fabricio Lozano   (Dic. 2018)


 Loreal-Unesco Award "for Woman in Science"  (Nov. 2018)



Group members with Lucio Frydman and Jorge Jovicich (Oct. 2018)


 Curso de posgrado (Jul-Dic 2018)


Professors Jorge Jovicich, Lucio Frydman, Gonzalo A. Álvarez, Analia Zwick


 Humboldt (Oct 2018)


picture with the president of the AvH  

Speakers Analia Zwick

Bagna Cauda with Lucio Frydman (Sept. 2018)


 Conferencia internacional Actualización en resonancia magnética aplicada a neurociencias FLENI (Sept 2018)


Speakers Gonzalo A. Álvarez, Jorge Jovicich


103 RAFA Reunion Asociación Física Argentina (Sept 2018)


Speakers Milena Capiglioni, Fabricio Lozano, Analia Zwick, Gonzalo A. Álvarez

Honorable Mention of "Masperi Award" to Poster of Milena Capiglioni 


IV Taller Resonancia Magnetica (Sept 2018)

with Alexandre Schefer (BRUKER) 

Invited Speaker Gonzalo A. ÁLVAREZ  "Tecnologías cuánticas en espectroscopia e imágenes por resonancia magnética nuclear"

Poster Analia Zwick "On the precision limits for estimating restriction lengths in diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging" 


Summer School on Collective Behaviour in Quantum Matter ICTP (Aug 2018)


Fabricio Lozano won a ICPT fellowshiop to participoate of the school in Italy



Bruker 9.4T installation (Sept. 2018)

day 2: Meli, Gon, Jorge Jovicich (Invited Professor from Trento, Italy), Bruker Technitian David Santos, Cris, Franco, Leo, Any, Mile y Fede.

day 12: Gon, Any,Diana, Cris, Franco, Meli, Fede, Mile, Leo, Bruker Technitian David Santos and Mabio.

Trekking "Cerro Lopez" (Aug. 2018)

Earth field NMR (Jul. 2018)

New NMR equipment of Balseiro Institute for teaching the NMR-MRI concepts and principles

Group 2018 (May. 2018)



Group 2017, after diploma ceremony  (Dec. 2017)


Trekking "Cerro Bella Vista" (Jan. 2018)

Trekking "Laguna Frey" (Oct. 2017)


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