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School Bariloche 2000

Quantum symmetries
in theoretical physics and mathematics

San Carlos de Bariloche - Argentina
January 10-21, year 2000

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Version: October 10, 2000

NEW! - List of available lectures
              (to be published in the collection Contemporary Mathematics, AMS)

Other lectures will be available soon!

    - A. Ocneanu's classification of SUq(3) subgroups, presented during this school

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    - List of Participants

    - Short scientific report (2000 document)

    - General Presentation (1999 document)


    N. Andruskiewitsch, M. Dubois Violette,
    A. Ocneanu, O. Ogievetsky, N. Reshetikhin,
    M.Rosso, J. Wess, S. Woronowicz, J.B. Zuber.

Scientific directors:
    R. Coquereaux, R. Trinchero.

Instituto Balseiro & Centro Atómico Bariloche
CC 439 - CP 8400 - San Carlos de Bariloche
Río Negro - Argentina

General Presentation (1999 document)

This is a CIMPA school. The first CIMPA school devoted to geometry (commutative or not), operator algebras and theoretical physics was held in Saint François (Guadeloupe) in 1993. One of the purposes of the present school is to introduce the participants to the main aspects of the theory of quantum groups (Hopf algebras) and their applications in theoretical physics and mathematics. All the lectures can fit under the general title of ``Quantum symmetries''.

Keywords: Hopf algebras, quantum groups, C* algebras, subfactors, quantum differential calculus, quantum integrable systems, conformal field theory.

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