4th ICTP - Latin
American School on Strings - CNPq - January 8 to 25, 2007 - Bariloche,

First deadline for registration: September 25

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The Latin American String-School aims to provide a general introduction to String Theory. It is addressed, mainly, to graduate students and physicists or mathematicians living, studying and/or working in Latin America.

This school is organized under the ICTP-CNPq agreement.

The format of the LASS-07, to be held in Bariloche, will be similar to previous ICTP Latin-American String Schools held in Cuba (1998), México (2000) and Brazil (2003). There will be about three weeks of lectures starting with basic string theory and continuing to more advanced topics. The lectures will assume knowledge of quantum field theory and general relativity at the graduate student level, but will not assume previous familiarity with string theory. There will also be daily discussion sessions and homework exercises. References for the lectures can be found on the webpage of the program.

All participants will be accomodated within the campus of Centro Atómico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro where the school will take place.

Local Committee: Carmen Nuñez (IAFE), Gerardo Aldazabal (IB-CAB)

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