VIII Argentinian Symposium

on Theoretical Physics of Particles and Fields

San Carlos de Bariloche, January 15-23, 2003

 History of the Symposium

Llao Llao
(updated on February 7, 2003)

The Symposium is devoted to several contemporary topics of interest in particle physics, cosmology, and field and string theories. The programme will consist of a series of lectures in the topics listed below plus 1-hour seminars. The courses (3-5 hours) are supposed to provide an introduction, explanation and overview of recent developments in the field. They are intended for an audience with basic knowledge of particle physics and field theory. 1-hour seminars are aimed to provide a more detailed presentation of most recent research results.


Invited lecturers
I. Affleck (Boston U.)
Field Theory and Condensed Matter
L. Ibañez (U. Autónoma Madrid)
Beyond the Standard Model
B. Kayser (Fermilab)
Neutrino Physics
A. Kovner (Plymouth U.)
Confinement and deconfinement (mostly in 2+1 dimensions)
S. Matarrese (Padova U.)
S. Minwalla (Harvard)
String Theories
E. Waxman (Weizmann I.)
High Energy Particles from Astrophysical Sources


the Anouncement: PS PDF (Updated January 09)
the Poster (~340KB): PS PDF (Updated December 16)

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Tentative schedule (Updated January 10, 2003)

List of participants

Scientific Committee
G. Aldazabal (Bariloche)
D. Cabra (La Plata)
E. Roulet (Bariloche)
R. Trinchero(Bariloche)
I. Allekotte (Bariloche)
C. Fosco (Bariloche)
J. Russo (Buenos Aires)

Location Travel

Some photographs of the symposium


Sponsored by:  CAB, CNEA, CONICET, Fundación Antorchas, CLAF, ICTP, Fundación Balseiro.
For more information, please write to these addresses:  before December 30 after December 30

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