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The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is part of the Basic Physics Activity Unit of the Centro Atómico Bariloche of the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, located in San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina. The research carried out here complements the academic training of the Instituto Balseiro of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, as well as welcomes collaborations with other institutions in the country and abroad. Our main activities include basic and applied research in new developments in magnetic properties in materials with applications in medicine, spintronics, materials science and sensors associated with conventional activities and the nuclear sector.

Invited speaker at the AtC-AtG Magnetics Conference
Elin Winkler, will give an invited talk at the 2021 AtC-AtG Magnetics Conference. The talk entitled “Design of core/shell nanoparticles for optimizing the magnetic hyperthermia and the catalytic activity” is schedule for August 24th.
More information in the official website of the conference

Ph. D. thesis defense
We are pleased to announce that Jesus Gonzalez will defend his Ph.D. thesis on July, 8th. His thesis entitled “Estudio de las propiedades estructurales magnéticas y de transporte en multicapas multiferroicas. Influencia de las tensiones y el desorden estructural” explores the interfaces and the structural disorder influence on the magnetism and magnetotransport of LaBaMnO3– and BaSrTiO3-based multilayers
Congratulations Jesus!

Publications June 2021
– Roa, S., Sirena, M. Elastic behavior analysis of multilayers by finite element method Engineering Research Express, 3(2), 022002 (2021)
– C. Bagnato, M. S. Nadal, D. Tobia, M. Raineri, M. Vasquez Mansilla, E. L. Winkler, R. D. Zysler, and E. Lima Jr. Reactive oxygen species in emulated martian conditions and their effect on the viability of the unicellular alga Scenedesmus dimorphus Astrobiology, 21(6), pp. 692-705. 2021
– Velázquez Rodriguez, D., Gómez, J.E., Morbidel, L., Constanzo Caso, P. A., Milano, J., Butera, A.
High spin pumping efficiency in Fe80Co20/Ta bilayers 2021 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 54(32), 325002.
– Roa, S., Sirena, M. Size effects on the optimization of the mechanical resistance and the electrical conductivity of Cu thin films 2021 Materials Today Communications, 28, art. no. 102572.

Physics, Biology and Geology in the local news!
Using Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance, Dr. Javier Gómez from the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, the biologist Sandra Gordillo, and the geologist Gabriella Boretto estimated the ages of quaternary marine mollusc shell fossils found on the Atlantic coast of La Patagonia. Link to the article in the local newspaper
More information in Springer Earth System Sciences:
Gómez J., Boretto G., Gordillo S. (2021)
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance as a Dating Tool for Determining the Age of Marine Mollusk Shells
In: Bouza P., Rabassa J., Bilmes A. (eds) Advances in Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies in Argentina. Springer Earth System Sciences. Springer

Dr. Javier E. Gómez

Research proposal: Estamos buscando estudiantes motivados que quieran sumarse a una de nuestras líneas de investigación “Texturas magnéticas en sistemas nanoestructurados”; como estudiantes de doctorado o postdoc.
Algunos temas específicos que proponemos abordar dentro de esta línea son los siguientes:
1. Estructura de dominios magnéticos en películas delgadas ferrimagneticas GdFeCo.
2. Magnetometria por efecto Kerr resuelto en el tiempo (TR-MOKE) para el estudio de magnetismo ultra rápido.
3. Control piezoeléctrico de la dinámica de paredes de dominios magneticos.
4. Materiales helimagneticos uniaxiales: Redes de solitones Quirales
5. Estudio y análisis de sistemas magnéticos utilizando cálculos micromagnéticos.
Estas propuestas se puede explorar desde un enfoque teórico y/o experimental. La propuesta de trabajo concreta se adaptará al candidato/a y al tipo de formación o trabajo que se quiera abordar.
Más información en Research proposals.
Contact: Javier Curiale, Luis Avilés Félix, Emilio de Biasi y Sebastián Bustingorry.

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Next online seminar – Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
27/7/2021 – 14:30 hs ARG
Dr. Matias Grassi from Universidad de Estrasburgo – CNRS
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