Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is part of the Basic Physics Activity Unit of the Centro Atómico Bariloche of the Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, located in San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina. The research carried out here complements the academic training of the Instituto Balseiro of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, as well as welcomes collaborations with other institutions in the country and abroad. Our main activities include basic and applied research in new developments in magnetic properties in materials with applications in medicine, spintronics, materials science and sensors associated with conventional activities and the nuclear sector.


G. Alejandro and D. Velázquez from our lab will present two contributed talks at the INTERMAG 2021 in April 26th – 30th. The title of the talks are:
– EPR characterization of the mixed radiation field of a boron neutron capture therapy irradiation facility: a dual natural lithium formate/L-alanine dosimeter
– Unraveling relaxation mechanisms in ultra-low damping Fe80Co20 thin films

2021 Seminar series
The first seminar of 2021 will be given by Gerardo Goya from UNIZAR. The talk entitled “Nanopartículas para el control de las especies reactivas de oxígeno y estrés celular” is scheduled for March 2nd.

Congratulations to all the PICT 2019 projects obtained by the members of our lab!
– “Estudio de óxidos semiconductores: sus propiedades físico-químicas y capacidad para detección de elementos volátiles“-PICT 2019-01849 Grupo de Reciente Formación – Project leader: Martín Saleta
– “Nuevos materiales nanoestructurados basados en nanopartículas multifuncionales: magnetismo, transporte y propiedades ópticas“. Proyecto Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica PICT-2019-02059. Project leader: Elin Winkler
– “Fabricación y estudio de películas delgadas de óxidos magnéticos con anisotropía perpendicular para espintrónica” – PICT 2019-01264 – Project leader: Mara Granada
– “Diseño, fabricación y evaluación de nanopartículas magnéticas con capacidad de inducir estrés oxidativo en sistemas biológicos” – Multidisciplinary project. Project leader: Roberto Zysler
– “Dinámica y geometría de paredes de dominios magnéticos en películas delgadas ferrimagnéticas“. PICT-2019-02873 Grupo de Reciente Formación – Project leader: Javier Curiale

Ph. D. thesis defense
Adriele Aparecida de Almeida will defend her Ph.D. thesis on March 31st. The jury members are: Dr. Rodolfo Sánchez, Dr. Gabriela Aurelio, Dr. Liliana Mogni and Dr. Leandro Sokolowsky
Looking forward to see you there!

Applications of magnetic nanoparticles developed by members of our lab.
Roberto Zysler, head of the Magnetic Nanoparticles group describes one of the recent applications of magnetism and magnetic nanoparticles in Medicine.

Recent publications

First paper of 2021: G. Ramirez et al. “Influence of argon pressure on the structural properties of polycrystalline sputtered Fe0.89Ga0.11 thin films” published in Materials Characterization 171, 110790 (2021) Link to the paper

Seminars, events and updates
– Season of seminars 2021 starts in 2nd March!
– Ph.D. thesis defense: Adriele Aparecida De Almeida will defend her Ph.D. thesis on 31st March.

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