Researcher CONICET

Expertise: Magnetism in thin films and multilayers, Ferromagnetic Resonance, spin currents, Magnetoleastic films, Materials for EPR dosimetry


Principal Researcher of CONICET (1998), Researcher of CNEA (2016), Professor at Instituto Balseiro (1992), all from Argentina. Bachelor (1989) and PhD in Physics (1995) at the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of Bariloche Atomic Center in Argentina. Post doc 1996-1998 at the MINT Center, Tuscaloosa, AL USA (grants form U. of Alabama and OAS). Director of more than 20 research grants since 1998. Director of more than 10 graduate and undergraduate students since 2002. Referee of 14 peer reviewed journals. Participation in 13 conference/schools organizing committees. Author of 106 peer reviewed publications. More than 150 contribution to local and international conferences.

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Relevant publications

E. Sallica Leva, R. C. Valente, F. Martínez Tabares, M. Vásquez Mansilla, S. Roshdestwensky, A. Butera Magnetic domain crossover in FePt thin films Physical Review B 82 (14), 144410 (2010)

A. Butera, J. N. Zhou, J. A. Barnard “Ferromagnetic resonance in as-deposited and annealed Fe−SiO2 heterogeneous thin films” Physical Review B 60 (17), 12270 (1999)

A. Butera, J. Gómez, J. L. Weston, J. A. Barnard Growth and magnetic characterization of epitaxial Fe81Ga19/MgO (100) thin films Journal of applied physics 98 (3), 033901 (2005)

J. E. Gómez, B. Z. Tedlla, N. R. Álvarez, G. Alejandro, E. Goovaerts, A. Butera Spin transport parameters in Ni80Fe20/Ru and Ni80Fe20/Ta bilayers Physical Review B 90 (18), 184401 (2014)

A Butera, A Fainstein, E Winkler, J Tallon Ferromagnetic correlations and mixed Ru valence in the magnetic superconductor RuSr2(Eu, Gd)Cu2O8 Physical Review B 63 (5), 054442 (2001)