Contact: Marcelo Vásquez

The magnetic hyperthermia instrument is the commercial model F1-D5 of nB Nanoscale Biomagnetics. It can generate and control alternating fields from 50 to 300 Oe using a water-cooled solenoid coupled with capacitors in a resonant tank. Solenoids and capacitors are exchangeable and the accessible frequencies depend on the combination of them. There are two capacitors ( 70 and 450 nF) and several 1 μH solenoids available, that allow three main frequencies: 570 kHz, 230 kHz and 210 kHz. The maximum field changes with the working frequency. The calorimetric measurements are carried out in 2 ml vials inside a sealed glass dewar flask and the temperature is measured through an optical fiber thermometer.

This device is designed to perform specific power absorption measurements (SAR) and in vivo biological experiments, other kinds of experiments can be designed and executed automatically using the equipment’s software.