Alternating Gradient Force magnetometer
Inverse Hall effect detection

During the last decade, an emergent research line in our group has also been dedicated to the implementation and optimization of experimental techniques for the characterization of magnetic thin films. Techniques for the observation of magnetic domains (Kerr microscopy), for the measurement of hysteresis loops (Kerr magnetometer, alternating gradient force magnetometer) and for the measurement of magnetostriction coefficient (home-made magnetostriction set-up) have been implemented by our group members.

Areas of impact:
– Magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometry and microscopy
– Alternating gradient force magnetometry
– Magnetotransport
– Seebeck effect
– Inverse spin Hall effect detection
– Cantilever technique for the determination of magnetoelastic coupling in films
– Magneto-ferroelectricity and ferroelectric loops
– Complex impedance measurements

Dr. Luis Avilés Félix
Dr. Alejandro Butera
Dr. Javier Curiale
– Dr. Javier Gómez
– Dr. Rodolfo Sánchez
Dr. Marcelo Vásquez Mansilla