Main goals

The Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is a highly recognized laboratory not only in the country but also in South America. We work for the scientific system of Argentine, specifically for the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), for the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and with the National University of Cuyo. We carry out our research tasks based on the following pillars:

1) Quality research,
2) Training of human resources and
3) Ability to transfer technology to other scientific units and to the rest of society.

It is our main task and goal to share with the scientific community high-quality research in several areas of magnetism, magnetic materials and its applications. The goals of our laboratory are the following:

1) Carry out high quality basic and applied research, strengthening the current lines and planning the creation of new lines, guaranteeing that the laboratory maintains the status of a benchmark in research in Electronic Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Materials.
2) Continue and increase the training of human resources, specifically highly trained Ph. D.
3) Increase the link with industry and technology transfer capacity of the laboratory, having channels to facilitate interaction with Atomic Energy National Comission and other organizations and entities of R&D in the country, with the productive sector and the provision of technical services to third parts.