Nanomanipulator in a SEM microscopy chamber with 4 probes to electrical characterization “in situ”.
Micrograph of four probes on a silver nanowire and voltage variation as a function of the electric current applied to the nanowire. Right: Electrical resistivity as a function of the nanowire diameter

The group of Nanomanipulation and electric transport characterization is a group of the Magnetic Resonance Division. This group, from 1998 has been aquired experience and capabilities about synthesis of oxide, in particular preparing nanoestructures with different morfology as nanoparticles, nanowires or nanotubes with different magnetic and electric properties. The characterization of the electric transport properties as electrical resistivity, thermoelectric power and complex impedance let us to acquiare a complete picture of the physics mechanism involved in the new studied materials by our group.
The research covers different subjects as metal insulator transitions of Mott-Hubbard or Zaanen Sawatzky Allen type, manganite with magnetoresistance, electronic phase separation, grain boundaries, tunnel junctions multiferroics, interfaces and thermoelectricity.
In general, we focus our effort in the study of the physics mechanism involved to explain the electrical and magnetic properties of the materials.
In different Projects, we used the Nanomanipulation technique to locate a ferromagnetic nanotube in a micromachined oscillators as magnetometer, to study the effects of sizes on the electrical resistivity in semiconductors bars, metallic nanowires and manganite nanotubes. Also we characterize spatially, different conductivity zones in graphene oxide films. Using electrochemical methods, we have developed a technique to prepare the probes to use in the nanomanipulation process and to characterize the electrical behavior of the nanostructure.

Areas of impact of the research group
– Synthesis of nanoparticles, nanowires and nanotubes
– Physical properties of interfaces
– Manipulation of nanostructures
– Characterization “in situ” of electric properties of a single nanostructure
– Complex electrical impedance
– Thermoelectricity

– Dr. Rodolfo D. Sánchez
– Dr. Javier Curiale
– Dr. Javier Lohr
– Dr. Martín E. Saleta
– Chem. Lab.Tech. Virginia Tognoli