Roberto ZYSLER

Researcher CONICET

Expertise: Nanostructured materials: synthesis of the magnetic nanoparticles (usually by chemical route), the morphological characterization, and the magnetic property research, mainly the magnetic order, the effective magnetic anisotropy and the superparamagnetic relaxation of the magnetic moment of the nanoparticles (DC Magnetization, AC Susceptibility, Mössbauer spectroscopy and Ferromagnetic Resonance). The experimental results are describing with theoretical models or simulating by Monte Carlo method. Applications of magnetic nanoparticles in biology and medicine: diagnostic & treatment (MRI contrast, hyperthermia, drug delivery, ophthalmologic treatments, etc.) 2005-present.


Senior Researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET-Argentina) from 1/1995 (permanent position). Professor at Instituto Balseiro – Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, IB-UNCuyo (present). Head of the Material Science Department, Bariloche Atomic Center – GAIyANN, CNEA, 2019 – present. – Argentine coordinator of the Nanomagnetism Italian-Argentine Joint Laboratory “LIANAM”, 2011 to 2019. Post-doctoral experience: Studies in magnetic nanoparticle systems and High temperature superconductors related family, placed in the Istituto de Chimica dei Materiali (CNR), Roma – Italia, 12/1992-12/1993. Ph.D. in Physics at IB-UNCuyo – Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina (1990).

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Relevant publications

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