Thin Films and Multilayers

Magnetoelasticity in thin films
Magnetic field driven domain wall motion, simulations by A. B. Kolton & PMOKE images by I. Fernández Aguirre”.
Left panel: Numerical simulations using a scalar field model for the magnetization dynamics of quasi-two-dimensional systems with a perpendicular easy axis of magnetization. This model allow a direct comparison with typical experimental protocols. Right panel: Polar magneto-optical Kerr effect (PMOKE) microscopy images corresponding to a [Co/Ni] based multilayer*.

The group of magnetism of thin films is a consolidated sub-group of the Magnetic Resonance Division since mid-1990. The different research lines covered by the group includes the growth and characterization of materials with potential applications as FeGa, FePt, Py, YIG, FeCo, FeRh, Pt/Co/Pt, GdFeCo, and different manganese oxides among others. Different research lines are mainly devoted to the study of morphology and structure of magnetic domains, magnetic domain wall dynamics in the creep depinning and flow regimes, spin-to-charge current conversion in multilayers, fabrication of magnetic materials with ultralow damping (Fe80Co20 and YIG) and magnetotransport in thin films and multilayers.
During the last decade, an emergent research line in our group has also been dedicated to the implementation and optimization of experimental techniques for the characterization of magnetic thin films. Techniques for the observation of magnetic domains (Kerr microscopy), for the measurement of hysteresis loops (Kerr magnetometer, alternating gradient force magnetometer) and for the measurement of magnetostriction coefficient (home-made magnetostriction set-up) have been implemented by our group members.

*For more details of the image see [Phys. Rev. E 97, 062122 (2018)], [Phys. Rev. B 96, 224422 (2017)] and references therein.

Areas of impact of the research group:
Magnetostriction in thin films
Low damping magnetic materials
Magnetization dynamics in thin films
Magnetometry and instrumentation
Magnetic domain wall motion
Materials for spintronics
Generation and control of spin currents
Multiferroic heterostructures

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Dr. Alejandro Butera
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