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Delayed dynamic triggering of earthquakes: Evidence from a statistical model of seismicity

E. A. Jagla

EPL 93 (2011) 19001.

Best of 2011 collection: "To make it easy for you to find the very best research published in EPL during 2011, we have created this Best of 2011 collection. The articles selected are those which have received a large number of citations, or have been the most downloaded and read, or those chosen for “Editor's Choice” during 2011."

Exact Conditions in Finite-Temperature Density-Functional Theory

S. Pittalis, C. R. Proetto, A. Floris, A. Sanna, C. Bersier, K. Burke, and E. K. U. Gross

Physical Review Letters 107 163001 (2011).

Asymmetric pulsing for reliable operation of titanium/manganite memristors

F. Gomez-Marlasca, N. Ghenzi, P. Stoliar, M. J. Sánchez, M. J. Rozenberg, G. Leyva, and P. Levy

Applied Physics Letters 98 123502 (2011).

Quantum transport through a stretched spin-1 molecule

P. S. Cornaglia, P. Roura-Bas, A.A. Aligia, and C. A. Balseiro

EPL 93 47005 (2011).

Electrical control of the chemical bonding of fluorine on graphene

J. O. Sofo, A. M. Suarez G. Usaj, P. S. Cornaglia, A. D. Hernández-Nieves, and C. A. Balseiro

Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 83 081411 (2011).

Universal high-temperature regime of pinned elastic object

Sebastian Bustingorry, Pierre Le Doussal, and Alberto Rosso.

Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 82 140201 (2010).

" (...) a small number of papers published in Physical Review B that the editors and referees find of particular interest, importance, or clarity."

Unifying approach for fluctuation theorems from joint probability distributions

Reinaldo García García, Daniel Domínguez, Vivien Lecomte, and Alejandro B. Kolton

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) 82 030104 (2010).

Damage spreading and ferromagnetic order in the three-dimensional ±J Edwards-Anderson spin glass model

M. L. Rubio Puzzo, F. Romá, S. Bustingorry, and P. M. Gleiser.

EPL 91 37008 (2010).

Mechanical control of spin states in single molecules

J. J. Parks, A. R. Champagne, T. A. Costi, W. W. Shum, A. N. Pasupathy, E. Neuscamman, S. Flores-Torres, P. S. Cornaglia, A. A. Aligia, C. A. Balseiro, G. K.-L. Chan, H. D. Abruña, and D. C. Ralph.

Science 328 1370 (2010). [arXiv]

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Pulling Apart Molecular Magnetism
Stretching Molecules

Quantum Interference in Coherent Molecular Conductance

J Rincón, A. A. Aligia, K. Hallberg, and S. Ramasesha.

Physical Review Letters 103 266807 (2010).

Longest excursion of fractional Brownian motion: Numerical evidence of non-Markovian effects

Reinaldo García García, A. Rosso, and Griégory Schehr.

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) 81 010102 (2010).

Universal Nonstationary Dynamics at the Depinning Transition

Alejandro B. Kolton, Griégory Schehr, and Pierre Le Doussal.

Physical Review Letters 103 160602 (2009).


Photoluminescence of a Quantum Dot Hybridized with a Continuum of Extended States

Misael León and A. A. Aligia.

Physical Review Letters 103 156802 (2009).


Creep dynamics of elastic manifolds via exact transition pathways

Alejandro B. Kolton, Alberto Rosso, Thierry Giamarchi, and Werner Krauth

Physical Review B 79 184207 (2009).

" (...) a small number of papers published in Physical Review B that the editors and referees find of particular interest, importance, or clarity."

Valence bond dynamical mean-field theory of doped Mott insulators with nodal/antinodal differentiation

M. Ferrero, P. S. Cornaglia, L. De Leo, O. Parcollet, G. Kotliar, and A. Georges.

EPL (Europhysics Letters) 85 57009 (2009).


Universal scaling in nonequilibrium transport through an Anderson impurity

J Rincón, A. A. Aligia, and K. Hallberg.

Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 79 121301 (2009).


Armando A. Aligia was recognized as an Outstanding Referee of the American Physical Society

"The basis for choosing the honorees was the quality, number, and timeliness of their reports (...)"

Dynamical Mean Field Theory of an Effective Three-Band Model for NaxCoO2

A. Bourgeois, A. A. Aligia, and M. J. Rozenberg.

Physical Review Letters 102 066402 (2009).


Localized Spins On Graphene

P. S. Cornaglia, Gonzalo Usaj, and C. A. Balseiro

Physical Review Letters 102 046801 (2009).


Anomalous Josephson Current in Junctions with Spin-Polarizing Quantum Point Contacts

A. A. Reynoso, Gonzalo Usaj, C. A. Balseiro, D. Feinberg, and M. Avignon.

Physical Review Letters 101 107001 (2008).


Ferrotoroidic Moment as a Quantum Geometric Phase

C. D. Batista, G. Ortiz, and A. A. Aligia

Physical Review Letters 101 077203 (2008).


Effects of Interactions in Transport through Aharonov-Bohm-Casher Interferometers

A. M. Lobos and A. A. Aligia.

Physical Review Letters 100 116803 (2008).


Thermal rounding of the depinning transition

Sebastian Bustingorry, A. B. Kolton, and Th. Giamarchi.

Europhysics Letters

The Role of Elastic Stresses on Leaf Venation Morphogenesis

Maria F. Laguna, Steffen Bohn, and Eduardo A. Jagla,

PLoS Comput. Biol. 4(4): (2008).


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