Nuevas publicaciones 2021

Hydroxylation of the Zn terminated ZnO (0001) surface under vacuum conditions, Sup.Info. A.M. Lucero Manzano, J.D. Fuhr, E.D. Cantero, M. Famá, E.A. Sánchez, V.E. Esaulov and O. Grizzi, Aceptado en Applied Surface Science (2021)

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Stress and disorder effect in the physical properties of artificially engineered multiferroic superlattices, J. Gonzalez Sutter, A. Sarmiento Chávez, S. Soria, M. Granada, L. Neñer, S. Bengió, P. Granel, F. Golmar, N. Haberkorn, G. Leyva, M. Sirena, Materials Chemistry and Physics 271, 124910 (2021).

Preventing Uranium(VI) Redissolution in Water after Treatment with Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles by Passivation with Chromium(VI), J. Crespia, G. Berdina Fabris, E.B. Halacc, A.G. Leyvac, G. Zampieri, N. Quici, Chemical Engineering Transactions 86, 1489-1494 (2021).

Nonadiabatic Small Polarons Produced by Ti Ions in Granular and Paramagnetic Cr1.8Ti0.2O3+z Particles, Sup.Info,M.E. Saleta, D.P. Valdés, L. Mogni, D. Tobia, S.J.A. Figueroa, J.C. Mauricio, E. Lima, Jr., G. Zampieri, and R.D. Sánchez, J. Phys. Chem. C 125, 9371-9382 (2021).

Deprotonation of the amine group of Glyphosate studied by XPS and DFT, G. Ruano, M.L. Pedano, M. Albornoz, J.D. Fuhr, M.L. Martiarena and G. Zampieri, Applied Surface Science 567, 150753 (2021).

Synthesis and Characterization of a Pure 2D Antimony Film on Au(111), Sup.Info. E.D. Cantero, E.A. Martínez, L.N. Serkovic-Loli, J.D. Fuhr, O. Grizzi, E.A. Sánchez, J. Phys. Chem. C 125 (17), 9273-9280 (2021).

Electronic energy loss and straggling in low energy H+ and H2+ interaction with silicon films, M. Mery, J.D. Uribe, M. Flores, N.R. Arista, V.A. Esaulov and J.E. Valdés, Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 176 (1-2), 73-91 (2021).

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Stabilization of high-spin Mn ions in tetra-pyrrolic configuration on copper, C.M. Lingenfelder, J.E. Gayone, L. Floreano, and H. Ascolani, Applied Surface Science 551, 149307 (2021).

Comprehensive analysis of the composition determination in epitaxial AlxGa1-xAs films: A multitechnique approach, M. Gonzalez, G. Rozas, L. Salazar Alarcon, M. Simonetto, A. Bruchhausen, G. Zampieri, A. Baruj, F. Prado, and H. Pastoriza, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 123, 105469 (2021).

Theory of Differential Conductance of Co on Cu(111) Including Co s and d Orbitals, and Surface and Bulk Cu States, Supp.Mat. J. Fernández, P. Roura-Bas, and A. A. Aligia, Physical Review Letters 126, 046801 (2021).

Maximally localized Wannier functions for describing a topological phase transition in stanene, J. D. Fuhr, P. Roura-Bas, and A. A. Aligia, Physical Review B 103, 035126 (2021).

Oscillator model applied to 2D materials: Energy loss of relativistic charged particles, S. Segui, J.L. Gervasoni, N.R Arista and Z.L. Miskovic, Nuclear Instruments and Methods B 490, 18-24 (2021).