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We are glad to welcome you to the II Argentine Conference on Neutron Scattering, to be held on May 8-10 at the C3: Science Cultural Center in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The conference is hosted jointly by the Atomic Energy Commission of the Argentine Republic (CNEA) and the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

The Conference is aimed at bringing together experts on neutron scattering techniques with the Argentine scientific community, the instrument developers and the Argentine Neutron Beam Laboratory (LAHN) team. Researchers and students from a broad range of institutions in Argentina, interested in neutron scattering techniques, are invited to participate in this meeting. TN|2019 will feature:

  • international and national speakers
  • instrument design progress
  • new users
  • visit to the RA-10 Campus
  • Phase II of LAHN
  • Collaboration opportunities

A group visit to the RA-10 reactor construction site is planned for the afternoon of May, 8th. Don't miss the chance to join us! Also, a special session will be dedicated to share the most recent news regarding the Phase II of the LAHN, and promoting the instruments and techniques that will be available at LAHN when the RA-10 reactor starts operation. 

Financial support is available for students. Don't miss the opportunity to participate!

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 Welcome to TN|2019!



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