We are glad to welcome you to the Workshop on Neutron Scattering to study Magnetic, Multiferroic and Superconducting Materials (WNS 2016), to be held from February 10th to 12th in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, hosted by the "National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina" (CNEA). 

The organization of this Workshop is inserted in the current efforts that Argentina is making to build a community of users of Large-Scale Neutron Scattering facilities. A research reactor is being built in Buenos Aires, called RA-10, which -among other objectives – will provide cold and thermal neutron beams for scientific and technological research. The reactor is planned to be operative by 2019. Argentina needs to increase its user community in the upcoming years, which is vital for a successful facility and future user program.

This Workshop on Applications of Neutron Scattering Techniques to study Magnetic and Superconducting Materials is meant to bring together experts on neutron scattering in this area with the Argentinian condensed matter, physics and chemistry community, as well as with the leaders of the project for the development and construction of the Neutron Scattering Laboratory in the RA-10 reactor. Several researchers from a broad range of institutions in Argentina, interested in the creation of such Laboratory, are invited to participate in the Workshop, with special emphasis on the seek of new collaboration opportunities related to neutron scattering techniques.